West Shore / Gandy Intersection Improvements

The City of Tampa proposes roadway improvements at the intersection of West Shore Blvd (CR 587) and Gandy Blvd. (SR 600/US 92) These improvements will construct one additional left-turn lane on the northbound and southbound roadway approaches of West Shore Blvd. which will move traffic through the intersection more efficiently and reduce driver delays during peak travel periods.

Current traffic volumes exceed the existing intersection capacity during the AM and PM peak travel times and vehicles frequently wait thru multiple cycles of the traffic light before passing thru the intersection. The proposed improvements will reduce the overall intersection delay by 40% in the AM and by 34% in the PM peak hours.

The proposed intersection improvements will include the construction of one additional left turn lane on West Shore Blvd. for both the northbound and southbound approaches. Additional public right-of-way will be acquired in the southwest corner of the intersection. The project limits will extend from W. Paul Ave. to W. Fielder St. This project will be constructed using a Local Funding Agreement (LFA) during the Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority’s Selmon Extension Project. A City of Tampa Water Department project to replace a water main through the intersection will also be constructed under this LFA.

Project Fact Sheet

Information on THEA's Selmon Extension project can be found on the project's website.