Hyde Park Avenue & Plant Avenue (From De Leon St. to Kennedy Blvd.)

Project Description:

The 0.3-mile segment of the Plant Ave and Hyde Park Ave one-way pair from Platt St. to Kennedy Blvd. is a 2-lane (one way) Arterial section with on-street parking and having posted speeds of 30/35 mph which serve the neighboring commercial uses at the signalized intersections. Plant Ave is a historic brick road from Platt St. to Brorein St. The segment of Plant Ave. also includes access to/from the Selmon Expressway. In a review of city‐wide fatal and incapacitating injury crashes from 2009 to 2011, this segment of roadway exhibited a cluster of 10 such crashes; therefore, this segment was analyzed for countermeasures to improve safety and to submit as a candidate for FDOT Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) Off‐System Funds.

Based on the geometrics of this roadway, the crash patterns, and field reviews, the recommendation is to provide two lanes in each direction with on-street parallel parking and the addition of bike lanes and pedestrian ramp bulb outs at the intersecting streets to shorten the crossing length and improve the sight distance for pedestrians. The City will also fund additional resurfacing work required within the project limits as well as the resurfacing of the segment of Hyde Park Ave from De Leon St to Platt St.

Following are project documents: