West Columbus Drive - Safety and Mobility Improvements

Project Overview

The City of Tampa Mobility Department is coordinating with the Hillsborough County Public Works Department on a project to resurface Columbus Drive from east of N. Dale Mabry Highway to N. Nebraska Ave.

As part of this project, the County will be resurfacing the roadway pavement, updating the roadway striping and signs, addressing Americans with Disabilities Act deficiencies, and making minor safety improvements. This work will occur along Columbus Drive from N. Dale Mabry Highway to N. Nebraska Avenue.

Preliminary Engineering Report (pdf) - Hillsborough County Public Works

Proposed Modification by the City of Tampa Mobility Department:

The City has proposed a modification to the roadway cross section of W. Columbus Drive from Howard Avenue to N. Boulevard. The purpose of the modification - also referred to as a 'road diet' - is to improve safety and mobility for all roadway users, including pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. This recommendation was originally identified in 2010 as part of the InVision Tampa Center City Plan and in 2016 as part of the City of Tampa Walk Bike Plan. The road diet concept was further studied and refined in 2018 as part of the West Tampa Multimodal Plan (ref. p. 53)

This project would reconfigure the existing 4-lane undivided roadway to provide for two (2) travel lanes separated by a two-way center left turn lane and on-street bicycle lanes. A conceptual image is provided above.  

New Pedestrian Crossings:

The proposed improvements also include new pedestrian crosswalks with push-button activated flashing beacons at six locations along the corridor between N. Dale Mabry Highway and N. Nebraska Ave. These new crosswalks would allow pedestrians to safely cross Columbus Drive.

  • Columbus Drive at Rome Ave
  • Columbus Drive at Riverside Drive
  • Columbus Drive at Glenwood Drive
  • Columbus Drive at Ola Ave
  • Columbus Drive at Central Ave

Road Diet Concept Documents:

At this time, the following cross sections and concept plans are under consideration for the segment of Columbus Drive from east of Howard Avenue to west of North Boulevard:

Existing Cross-Section

Proposed Cross-Section

Preliminary Concept Plan for Road Diet Section (roll plot)

Traffic Analysis Summary 09.08.20 DRAFT

Note: The roadway cross section from Dale Mabry to Howard Ave will remain largely the same. The roadway cross section from N. Boulevard to Nebraska Ave. will remain largely the same. 

Click the links below to access resources from the September 2020 public meeting: 

Virtual Public Meeting

Presentation Handouts 

Presentation Handouts with Transcript

Project Contact Information:

Hillsborough County Public Works: Steffanie Workman, P.E. (Project Manager)

e-mail address: workmans@hillsboroughcounty.org 

phone: (813) 307-1893

Hillsborough County Capital Improvement Project Number: 69631105 and Capital Improvement Program Viewer


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