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2017 New Car and Truck Show Races Through the Tampa Convention Center

This information is 6 years 7 months old and may no longer be accurate.
by Angela Pitts
November 22, 2017

Tampa Convention Center—Last weekend countless car enthusiasts raced to the Tampa Convention Center to explore some of the latest innovations in the auto industry. Formerly known as the Tampa Auto Show, this convention sported a new name along with over 350 all-new vehicles.

Representing everything from luxury exotics to standard family-sedans, the New Car and Truck Show offered a variety of options for buyers in the market for a new vehicle—and just in time for the holidays.

Some of the luxury vehicles that were present at the show include Lamborghinis, Bentleys, Aston Martins, McLarens, and others—some of which are valued at a quarter million dollars or more. DuPont Registry was also represented at the show, highlighting a local company based in St. Petersburg that specializes in custom-made vehicles.

Besides luxury cars, attendees could also browse more affordable options from brands like Ford, Kia, BMW, Toyota, Chevrolet, Hyundai, and more. One of the selling points for many of these vehicles is the advanced safety features and auto tech. With electric and autonomous vehicles emerging as a popular trend, these types of technologies were present in various degrees at the show.

In addition to the cars on display inside the Tampa Convention Center, test-drive tracks were set up for the show right outside. Some of the test drive vehicles were stationed at the Tampa Convention Center circle drive, giving visitors an inside-look—and feel—at some of the latest models on the market.

Using a pre-determined test drive track, those interested could take their dream car(s) for a ride to narrow down their purchasing decisions. And, of course, as a family-friendly event, adults weren’t the only ones who had a chance to get behind the wheel. Little car enthusiasts were able to “test-drive” electric cars set up inside the convention center at a kids-track, while adults test-drove vehicles outdoors.

As one of Tampa’s premier family-friendly auto events, attendees of all ages had the opportunity to admire the newest cars on the market and picture themselves behind the wheel. Unlike browsing for a car at a dealership, this auto was praised its relaxed atmosphere, where attendees didn’t feel pressured to make a sale.

Between those looking for a holiday gift and those simply looking to admire the luxury cars, the 2017 New Car and Truck Show experienced an outstanding turnout.

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