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Tampa Convention Center Prepares to Welcome 10,000 Attendees for the Gasparilla Volleyball Kickoff Classics

This information is 3 years 4 months old and may no longer be accurate.

The Tampa Convention Center’s exhibit hall is currently being transformed into a massive gymnasium for the Gasparilla Volleyball Kickoff Classics.

10,000 athletes, coaches, and parents will visit Tampa Bay for this multi-day tournament, creating a major economic impact for sports tourism.

Multiple divisions will participate in the tournament (including open, USA, and club divisions), with at least 4 matches for 2-day divisions and 7 matches for 3-day divisions. All age groups will be represented in the tournament as well, from elementary level all the way through college.

This is just one of three upcoming club volleyball events that will be held at the Tampa Convention Center. In March, the Joseph Volleyball Florida Qualifier and the Tampa United Volleyball SLAM are expected to draw another 10,000 visitors to the city.  

The Tampa Convention Center is excited to host this action-packed event and welcome all attendees to Tampa!

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