Existing Inspections Division

The Existing Inspections Division provides periodic inspections of commercial occupancies, which include high-rise complexes, institutional complexes, children's educational centers, public assembly areas, etc., to monitor fire code compliance. The division will continue to handle requests for inspections and address complaints received from the public reporting fire code violations. Target hazards involving the potential of a large loss of life or dollar loss shall receive priority status. 

Priority emphasis is directed to occupancies with activities that involve the handling or processing of products that may contribute to the propagation of fire. These inspections are monitored for compliance through a system of user permits. 

Inspections by request incorporates a group of inspections conducted by all the inspectors within the division. From inquires for new businesses to affirm code compliance to generalized existing commercial building inspections, this office has handled a large number of these inspections. 

Others include inspections where inspectors randomly select a occupancy type and make a attempt to inspect numerous businesses within the selected group to enforce a fire safety issue that may be inherent for that particular occupancy. 

New Installations of liquefied petroleum gas are inspected when requested by the installation contractor. Installations may include tank installations, piping installations, additional appliances and or rough in piping of a new commercial or residential structure. Through the office's billing system, installers are billed for inspections that occurred on their projects during the previous month.  For the safety of the users and handlers of liquefied petroleum products, the Existing Inspections Division shall continue to provide the inspections for code compliance, for all new liquefied petroleum gas installations and annual inspections of facilities that transport, store or handle liquefied petroleum gas products. 

The following types of occupancies are inspected on a regular basis. The type of inspections for Fire Code Compliance in existing occupancies.

  • Highrise Buildings
  • Hospitals and Nursing Homes
  • Adult Foster Homes
  • Day Cares
  • Private Schools
  • Inspections by Request
  • Fire Marshal User Permits
  • Assembly
  • Exhibits
  • Hazardous Installations
  • Temporary Tents
  • Complaints
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Annual Permits