New Construction Division

Activities that New Construction regulate are:

  • Commercial construction projectsBuilding under construction
  • Land use petitions/rezoning
  • Preliminary plan review
  • Site plan review
  • Commercial plan review
  • Fire protection plan review
  • Inspections of projects for fire code compliance
  • Fire protection systems tests

The New Construction Division reviews construction plans and performs related inspections of all commercial buildings and renovation projects to determine compliance with fire code requirements. Review submittals and perform related inspections for all fire protection, fire detection, and fire alarm systems. Review submittal and perform related inspections of all installations of storage tanks for flammable and combustible liquids. Perform an inspection of all removals of flammable and combustible liquid storage tanks.

Codes in Use Within the City of Tampa:
The following is a list of the respective City Code sections that can be referenced in general for use within the City by the Fire Prevention Bureau. Codes are established by Statute and City Ordinance.

Florida Statutes: 633.01 State Fire Marshal; powers and duties; rules.
Uniform Fire Safety Rules and Standards.
Chapter 4A-3 Fire Prevention - General Provisions
Adopts: NFPA 101, Life Safety Code, 1994 edition.
Codes and Ordinances - City of Tampa
Chapter 11, Fire Prevention and Protection
Ordinance No. 89-234, Sept. 28,1989: renumbered 90-237; Sept. 13, 1990.
Ordinance No. 95-178, Sept. 7, 1995.
Article III. Technical Provisions
Division 2. Adoption of Standards by Reference.
Sec. 11-137. National Fire Codes Adopted, 1994 edition.
Sec. 11-138. Life Safety Code, 1994 edition. Ordinance No. 89-234, Sept. 28, 1989.
Sec. 11-139. Standard Fire Prevention Code, 1985 edition.