Cuts And Bleeding

All minor cuts and scrapes run the risk of infection.To minimize this risk, these minor injuries should be cleaned with anti-bacterial soap and water.

You can also apply an anti-bacterial ointment such as Neosporin ointment.

Control bleeding with direct pressure using a clean cloth placed directly over the injury.

Severe Bleeding

The types of bleeding are:

  1. Arterial (spurting)
  2. Venous (oozing)
  3. Internal
  4. External

To control external bleeding:

  1. 1st choice - Use direct pressure by applying pressure directly over the injury with a clean cloth.
  2. 2nd choice - Place ice wrapped in a clean cloth directly over the injury.
  3. 3rd choice - Elevate the extremity above the level of the heart.

Nose Bleeds

Have the person tightly pinch the entire soft part of their nose, right under the nasal bone. Then sit the person leaning forward and hold the nose until the emergency unit arrives.

If the person is on any medications, please get them out for the paramedics. Write down the name and phone number of their doctor.