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Hydraulically Designed Sprinkler System Plan Review

The purpose of this policy is to set a guideline for the Fire Protection industry within the City of Tampa. This policy will determine when Hydraulic Calculations need to be submitted for review.

Hydraulic Calculations are required for the following:

1. All new hydraulically calculated sprinkler systems.

2. All additions to existing previously hydraulically calculated system where the building area protected is increased.

4. Whenever there is an increase in the occupancy hazard.3. When any changes are made within the previously calculated most remote or hydraulically demanding area.

5. All additions or alterations within existing calculated systems, may not require calculations when all of the following are provided on the plans submitted:

a) All information from the Nameplate Data.

b) A key floor plan showing the previously calculated most remote or hydraulically demanding area. The elevation and location of the previously calculated area in relation to area of work to be performed.

c) All pipe sizes in the area where new work is to be performed shall be shown to equal or exceed the pipe sizes in the existing most remote or hydraulically demanding area.

Hydraulic calculations are not required for relocations of sprinkler heads, due to architectural charges, providing that the relocations are spaced in accordance with NFPA location requirements.

All submitted documents for additions, relocations and alterations to fire protection systems with a total of fifty (50) heads or more shall bear the signature of the contractor.

Field inspections or a building history may disclose conditions that warrant a need to provide calculations or additional information.