Dog in fire station with fire engine in background

Bonfire/Campfire/Open Burning Permits

When completing a permit for either a bonfire or a campfire the following information is required:

  • Date and time it is scheduled to start and be finished (30 day maximum)
  • Site Plan
  • Copy of warranty deed for property
  • Letter from the owner of the property giving permission for the bonfire/campfire to be held and naming the responsible adult in charge
  • Purpose of the event
  • EPA approval required, in writing (Phone  813-272-5530)

The following information must be written on the permit.

  • Only ordinary combustibles can be burned, no garbage, chemical, hazardous materials or flammables.
  • Fire must be extinguished when the event is completed.
  • This permit may be revoked due to inclement weather conditions or complaints received from the neighbors

The fee of $25.00 must be collected and the permit must be approved before the event can be held.