Tactical Medical Response Team

Implemented in July of 1987, the Tactical Medic Response Team (TMRT) was one of the first SWAT Medic Teams in the nation that were fully integrated into the existing SWAT team. Members of the 15-member Team are all cross-certified as Reserve Police Officers and Tactically trained for inner perimeter and entry cell operations.

Additionally, this multi-disciplinary Team serves as Tampa's airborne water and rough terrain rescue Team. Their mission is to locate, access, rescue, and evacuate victims that would not be readily accessible by normal means. This is done while performing premier ALS treatment. Toward that end, they receive certification and recurrent training as, Fire Rescue, Police, SWAT, Paramedics, Divers, Rescue Swimmers, Airborne Deployment, Lifeguard, Navy Water Survival, Operators of Personal Water Craft, Advance Medical, and HAZMAT Training.

They also provide medical coverage for hazardous devices, (bomb) operations, high-rise fire rooftop deployment, severe weather conditions, and other natural disasters. Their ability to integrate and network with many other agencies enhances the Team's ability to get the job done.

They are a motivated, disciplined, and highly fit group of diverse go-getters. Their credo is "We can get'em".

Any place, any time, in any conditions; the TMRT is ready to employ their life-saving skills to make the difference between life and death

The Tactical Medic Response Team (TMRT) was established in 1987. They are a multi-disciplinary team integrated into the Tampa Police Department as operational members of the Tactical Response Team, the city's special tactics, and assault team. Their mission is to provide advanced life support and rescue capabilities for those victims that are inaccessible or would be delayed in receiving treatment because of austere conditions. These situations include hostages, armed barricaded persons, terrorist threats, gang, drug and weapon interdiction operations, bomb threats, and dignitary protection. They provide airborne, water, rough terrain, and high-rise rooftop rescue.


The Team is comprised of 12 personnel. All are operational.


Tampa Fire Rescue employees must have three years of service and have been a Florida State Certified Paramedics for two years.

Candidates must successfully complete:
Tampa Police Auxiliary Academy
Tampa Police SWAT School
Tampa Fire Rescue Sea, Air, and Land Rescue Course
US Navy Water Survival
American Red Cross Life Guard
NAEMT EMT Tactical
Open Water Scuba Diver
Search and Recovery Diver
Rescue Diver
Advance Trauma Life Support

Initial training is in excess of 600 hours. Recurrent training consists of 16 hours per month.

Tactical Operations:

Each team member is trained and armed for defensive purposes and equipped with full ALS trauma equipment and personal protective gear to deploy and perform their duties in the tactical realm. Deployment is as directed by the Tactical Response Team Commander. Team members are tactically qualified and serve as entry team members. Operational duties are such as not interfering with their medical mission.

Airborne Rescue:

Team members are trained and equipped for air search and deployment via helicopter. the Tampa Police Aviation Unit provides primary air support for this aspect. This mission entails high-rise roof-top rescue and fire suppression operations, open water rescue, and rugged terrain search and rescue.

Water Rescue:

The Team is trained and equipped to provide advanced life support water rescue in all of the various water conditions found in the Tampa area; river, open water, marsh and swamp, and swift water flooding conditions.

Rugged Terrain Search and Rescue:

Team members are trained in accordance with the National Association of Search and Rescue (NASAR) and American Search and Rescue (AMSAR) standards for locating, treating, and evacuating missing persons or persons injured in remote and inaccessible areas.

The Team responds to approximately 80 to 100 calls per year.
Questions regarding Tampa Fire Rescue's Tactical Medic Response Team should be directed to Rescue Chief Bryan Riley, Tampa Fire Rescue (813)-274-7005.