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About Tampa Fire Rescue Department

Established on May 10, 1895, Tampa Fire Rescue has been dedicated to providing vital services encompassing fire prevention, fire protection, fire suppression, and emergency medical services for the seriously ill and injured.
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Comprising the Operations, Rescue, Communications, Prevention, and Administrative Divisions, the department operates 23 fire stations and two rescue stations across the city and MacDill Air Force Base. Firefighters in the Operations division are at the forefront of emergency response, providing crucial fire suppression and advanced life support (ALS) services. They are supported by rescue transport personnel who operate ALS transport vehicles delivering essential medical care and transportation.

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Additionally, Tampa Fire Rescue offers expertise in hazardous materials response, aircraft rescue, marine firefighting, and comprehensive fire and life safety education for the community. The Fire Marshal's office, a division within Tampa Fire Rescue, is responsible for investigating fire causes, conducting building code reviews, and enforcing fire and life-safety codes.

Moreover, Tampa Fire Rescue coordinates through its Communications section, which fields emergency calls via the Police/Fire 911 system, ensuring rapid dispatch of personnel and equipment. The Prevention division focuses on fire inspections, safety programs, and loss management initiatives, contributing to community safety and resilience.

Administratively, the department oversees functions such as personnel management, supply coordination, quality assurance, public education, and training, ensuring operational readiness and excellence in service delivery.

For a full history of Tampa Fire Rescue visit the Tampa Firefighter's Museum website.


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