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New ADA Ramp Opens Along the Tampa Riverwalk and More Capital Improvements On Their Way

This information is 3 years 10 months old and may no longer be accurate.


Big things are happening at the Tampa Convention Center, with exciting upgrades coming to our facility.

Multiple capital improvement projects are currently underway at the Tampa Convention Center that will improve guest experience and sever as assets for City of Tampa tourism.

West ADA Ramp

This week, construction for a new ADA access ramp along the Tampa Riverwalk wrapped up on schedule and the ramp is now open to the public. A temporary chain link fence was temporarily installed at the top of the ramp while a permanent rail is being fabricated. This wider ramp is a great improvement for all who will use it, making the Riverwalk more ADA accessible and bike-friendly.  

Sail Plaza

A new ADA ramp is also being added near The Sail as part of the new Sail Plaza. This capital improvement project is completely reimagining the area around The Sail to create a truly unique waterfront dining experience.

In addition to the new ramp, expanded seating/shade is being added around the building, in part, through built-in benches at the bottom portion of anew retaining wall. This will allow for a place to sit and enjoy the waterfront views.

Construction is also making major headway for the new Big Ray’s Fish Camp Building. The walls are nearly complete as work continues on structural components of the roof. Big Rays is a popular local restaurant that will offer convention-goers an authentic taste of Tampa flavor.

Between expanded seating/shade, the addition of Big Ray’s Fish Camp, upgraded restrooms, and other improvements, the new Sail Plaza will offer an elevated dining experience for visitors and locals alike.

Concession Renovations

In addition to work being done outside the building, improvements are underway inside the Tampa Convention Center as well. In late February, construction began on the first exhibit hall concession, Cucina Rosso. This project will upgrade the existing concessions with a modern look and refreshed menu—while preserving the classic food items convention-goers love.

Other recent culinary upgrades include the addition of the Nourish Food Bar—a healthy build-you-own bowl style concession located on the 1st floor—and the new Coffee Bar, which proudly serves Starbucks coffee. Big Ray’s Fish Camp also opened across from the Franklin St Entrance and work is scheduled to begin June 2019 to convert the Bay Bistro into a new Datz location.


Learn more about the Tampa Convention Center’s capital improvements: https://www.tampa.gov/tcc/capital-improvements/projects.


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