Channel District CRA Highlighted Projects

Channelside Drive

Channelside Drive Small Park - Project

As part of $ 8.1M - Phase B Channel District Improvements Projects, that includes construction within nine (9) street segments in the Channel District Redevelopment Area, Right of Way upgrades to walks and pavements, streetscape, utility work and District wide furniture replacement; we completed a small park located across from both the Port Tampa Bay Cruise Terminal 3 and The Florida Aquarium. The park provides residents of the districts a place to walk with their dogs, it also provides cruise ship visitors a place to relax before boarding. The small park includes landscape, shade sails and furnishing that complement the overall design of the area. Project Name:

Channel District Improvements – CM at Risk (Phase B)
Project Location: 712 Channelside Dr
Contractor: Kimmins Contracting Corp.
CRA District: Channel District

Wayfinding Screen Shot

Wayfinding Signage Study

Develop a user-friendly navigational program for vehicular, pedestrian, and other modes of transport with emphasis placed on pedestrian traffic.

Phase 1 – Analysis - Completed.

Phase 2 – Programming – On - Going

Phase 3 – Concept Design – Not Started


Districtwide Infrastructure Project

The Channel District CRA continues work on a major district-wide infrastructure improvement project to include nine smaller projects to essentially complete the remainder of the drainage and streetscape improvements for the district.

Work along Channelside Drive is almost completed. Work around the big roundabout and the construction of a small park are now completed.

Kimmins is getting ready to start work on Phase C2 – Cumberland Ave. Work is programmed to start June 2023. Please visit to learn more about these projects.

Pay by Plate Signage


Pay By Plate Program Signage Installation

This month Kimmins and the City of Tampa Parking Division completed the installation/replacement of approximately 106 new Pay by Plate signs.  This system services multiple vehicles and allows customers to pay for parking using a smart phone or mobile device without needing to interact with a pay station. The City of Tampa currently offers four (4) different mobile payment apps for customers to utilize that can be found on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.  This installation is part of the CRA Channel District Improvement projects.

Phase B

Phase C2 

Kimmins started working on phase C2 of the Channel District Improvement project.  Due to the high volume of traffic on this area, Kimmins is scheduling the improvements in sections, starting at the Channelside Roundabout portion (under the Port Parking garage) moving west towards S. Meridian Ave.  Funding for this project is provided by the Channel District CRA. – $ 1,611,867.00 includes Phase C2 – Cumberland Ave and Phase DW2-1 On-Street Parking Conversion Washington St & S 12th Ave.

Channel District Improvement Project

Channel District Improvement Project
Channel District Improvement Project
Channel District Improvement Project
Channel District Improvement Project
Channel District Improvement Project