Ybor City CRA Meetings

The purpose of the Ybor City CRA Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is to ensure that the interests of residents, property owners, businesses, and other stakeholders in the area are represented in key decisions relating to the CRA Community Redevelopment Plan and the CRA budget for the area. Interested individuals must live or work in the redevelopment area or have significant interest within the area. CAC positions are appointed by the Community Redevelopment Agency, are voluntary, and serve without compensation.

CAC Meeting Time and Location:

Fourth Tuesday of the Month at 4pm

Ybor City Office. 2015 E. 7th Ave., Tampa, FL 33605

CAC Members

  • Rich Simmons, Chairperson (At- Large)
  • Liz Welch- Vice-Chair (Ex-Officio, Barrio Latino Commission)
  • Larissa Baia- Ex- Officio (Hillsborough Community College)
  • David Bailey- Ex-Officio (Historic Ybor Neighborhood Civic Association)
  • Stephen Barbas- Ex-Officio (Ybor City Museum Society)
  • Cristal Lastra- Ex-Officio (Historic Social Clubs)
  • Michael Murphy- Ex-Officio (Ybor Merchants Association)
  • Walter Pinillos- Ex-Officio (Gaybor District Coalition)
  • Damon Shiver- Ex-Officio (Ybor City Chamber of Commerce)
  • Arnold Trueba- Ex- Officio (Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office)
  • Vacant- Historic East Ybor and Gary Neighborhood Civic Association
  • Chris Wojtowicz- At Large
  • Peter Wright- At Large
  • Brittney Barrie- At Large
  • Marcia Austin- At Large
  • Fran Costantino- At- Large (Emeritus)
  • Joe Capitano, Sr - At- Large (Emeritus)

CAC Meeting Minutes