Marine Firefighting

Tampa Fire Rescue's newest addition, the 69-foot "Patriot"Tampa Fire Rescue is charged with the responsibility of primary fire suppression in and about the industrialized port area, the shipping channel, and all waters of Tampa Bay to Egmont Key. Search and rescue missions, including emergency medical responses are also within the scope of the Marine Division's mission. In order to accomplish these missions in and about the nation's 7th largest port, the Port Authority and marine division maintains a 69-foot Metalcraft Marine vessel capable of pumping 12,000 Gallons Per Minute (GPM), a 30-foot. Sea Ark with 1,250 GPM flow and a 27-foot Boston Whaler with a 1,250 GPM flow. In addition, Tampa Fire Rescue operates several shallow draft vessels to be used in the rivers, estuaries, and flats areas.Tampa Fire Rescue's newest addition, the 69-foot "Patriot".


Updated: 12/01/2020