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Administrative Staff and Engineering
Eric A. Weiss, P.E., Director
813-274-8070 / Fax: 813-274-8448
2545 Guy N. Verger Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33605

If you are having a sewer emergency such as a back-up or overflow, or notice an overflow occurring in your neighborhood, please contact us immediately at (813) 247-3451. This is a 24/7 emergency operations number.


Phone Numbers

24 hour Emergency Repair: (813) 247-3451

Non-emergency services, i.e., gurgling pipes/toilets, missing clean-out caps, slow running drains, etc.: (813) 898-1420

Billing (Inquiries & Explanations): (813) 274-8811 

Record Drawings/Drafting Information- (813) 274-8936

Utility Locator (State) 1-800-432-4770

Past Due Accounts,  Payment arrangements for delinquent bills, Vacancy credits**: (813) 274-8780

Special Users (Non-residential): (813) (813) 274-3308

Wastewater Administration/Engineering: (813) 274-8070   

Wastewater Treatment Plant: (813) 247-3451      

Wastewater Collections: (813) 898-1420

Wastewater service permitting-related questions: 813-274-8065 or email:

Customer Service Center

  • High Wastewater Bill Complaint: Use this service to notify our offices of a possible incorrect bill.  
  • Road Depressions, Potholes: Use this service to report a dip in the street pavement, if there is a hole in the street, or in the shoulder of the parkway/road.
  • Sewer Non-emergency: Use this service to report non-emergency sewer problems. A non-emergency is defined as a toilet that occasionally will not flush, a bathtub or sink that does not drain properly, and/or backs up and then drains slowly. Do not use for emergencies.
  • Sewer Odor Complaint: Use this service to report sewage odor from interior plumbing, a pump station, a manhole, or other source.
  • Start New Wastewater Service: Use this service to request starting water, wastewater, and solid waste utility services at a specific location.  
  • Stop Wastewater Service: Use this service to request termination of water, wastewater, and solid waste utility services at a specific location.
  • Wastewater Bill Online Payments: Use this service to pay your utility bill.  
  • Wastewater Personnel / Crew Complaint: Use this service to report a Wastewater employee or crew behavior (driving, work, compliment, rudeness, etc.).  
  • Fat Free Sewer Pamphlets: Use this service to order your copy of the "Fat Free Sewer" pamphlet. Please specify English or Spanish.  
  • Wastewater: Use this service for general correspondence to the Wastewater Department.

**If vacant over 60 days