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Capacity Fees

Capacity fees are assessed on a one time basis when a customer desires to connect to the Sanitary Sewers system. These fees pay for capital improvements associated with the Wastewater Treatment Plant and large pipelines.

Wastewater capacity fees are based on the number of equivalent residential units (ERU's) associated with the existing or proposed development. The cost per ERU is $1,237.00, therefore, to determine the capacity fees, multiply the number of  ERU's per project times $1,237.00 The capacity fee for a single family residence is one (1) ERU or $1,237.00.  The number of wastewater ERU's shall be the same as the number of water ERU's in accordance with section 26-37(a) of the City's municipal code. Please select the link below for fees associated with Multi-family and Non-residential developments.

Capacity Fees Effective March 1, 2021


Sewer Improvement Fees

Sewer Improvement (SI) fees are collected to pay for the Sanitary Sewer neighborhood collection system and house laterals up to the property line.  SI fees can vary considerably depending on the age of the neighborhood system and how it was funded. There are no SI fees associated with systems installed and paid for by a developer.

For further information on SI fees, please contact Wastewater Planning or call (813) 274-8065.