Grease Hauler Information

Print off a copy of the registration form and fill in all the appropriate information.

Approved Grease Hauler List

Mail the completed form to this address: 

City of Tampa Wastewater Department
Attention: Rich Haley
2515 Guy N. Verger Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33605
Phone:  813-898-1420

Grease Hauler Registration Stickers 

When the application has been approved, the registration sticker will be mailed to the address located on the registration form.

The registration stickers should be placed on the top of the drivers side windshield.

  • Grease Disposal Site(s)

  • Grease Hauler Manifest Form - The Grease Hauler Manifest is used by the Grease Hauler to keep accurate records of who, when and what was pumped.  This can be helpful when the City needs information about a specific food service facility.  Grease haulers are required to maintain records related to grease interceptors or trap pumping and grease disposal on a City of Tampa approved Grease Hauler manifest forms.   Download Form in PDF or Microsoft Word Document