Cleaning Sanitary Sewage

Sanitary sewage is a health hazard.  If you experience a back-up be very careful to avoid contact with any sewer discharge which may carry infectious diseases like hepatitis and salmonella. If you are having back-up issues, slow draining tubs and/or sinks and hear gurgling noises in your drains please give us a call at 813-898-1420. Technicians from the department will be dispatched to make sure the blockage is not in our lines and contributing to sewer-related issues on your property.

Please check online for professional assistance to remove waste after a sewer blockage or back-up onto personal property. The City of Tampa cannot give recommendations.

If you do choose to do it yourself:

  • Always wear protective gloves and boots.  Rain gear is also advisable.
  • Avoid contact with raw material, and be particularly careful of your face and eyes.  Goggles are recommended when you are using a hose.
  • Protect all cuts and scrapes.  Immediately wash any wound that comes in contact with sewage.

To clean up after a back-up:

  • Hose down the area, then wash surfaces with hot soapy water.
  • Disinfect surfaces with a 1:10 solution of household bleach and water.

When you're finished:

  • Wash hands thoroughly before preparing food or eating.
  • Wash and disinfect any clothing and supplies immediately after use.

For any sewer related claims contact The City of Tampa Risk Management Department at (813) 274-5708.