Planning Division

The Planning Section performs a variety of duties related to asset management, capital improvement planning, and growth management. These duties include the following:

Asset Management and Capital Improvement Planning:

  • Manage and develop long and short term capital improvement plans
  • Prepare annual capital improvement project (CIP) budget.
  • Perform and manage system evaluations and studies for determining capital improvement needs for continued operation of the treatment plant, collection system, and pumping stations.
  • Coordinate the planning of future capital improvement projects with other agencies and City Departments.
  • Collect and analyze data to evaluate pumping station and collection system performance. This information is also used to maintain information on available capacities and required upgrades.

Planning and Growth Management

  • Process Application for Wastewater Service and complete related permit activities.
  • Determine conditions and improvements needed to provide wastewater service.
  • Construction plan review and approval.
  • Project inspection during construction.
  • Coordination of projects and permit needs with Construction Services Department.
  • Develop, manage, and update sanitary sewer master plans.
  • Review and respond to rezoning, release of easements, R/W vacating.
  • Provide coordination with the City's Planning Department, Hillsborough County Planning Commission, and other agencies on planning related issues.