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About Us

About City Planning
About City Planning

Our mission, our customers, our services, and our project management philosophy

Our Mission: 

The City Planning Department fosters a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach in guiding growth, development, and redevelopment of the City of Tampa. The Department focuses on citywide planning initiatives that support the Transforming Tampa’s Tomorrow (T3) Strategy and that enhance economic value, quality of life, community, and resiliency.


Our Vision is to be a full-service planning department that guides all development decisions for the benefit of Tampa’s citizens.


  • Collaboration: We value collaboration with other departments, external agencies and the community in reaching consensus on planning and policy initiatives. 
  • Listening: We understand that the people who live in our community oftentimes already know the answer to making their communities more livable and attractive.  Through active and ongoing listening to our customers, we are able to craft effective plans and policies that respond directly to their needs.
  • Objectivity: We will remain objective in our approach, in our data gathering, and in our methodologies, to always deliver unbiased recommendations to the Mayor, City Council and to the community.
  • Transparency: We believe that an informed community can make better decisions and be better partners in achieving meaningful progress.
  • Quality: We strive to delivering quality planning services that will impact communities in positive way.


  • Citywide Planning Studies
  • Small Area and District Plans
  • Mobility and Land Use Plans
  • Special One-Time Projects
  • Land Development Code Updates
  • Natural Resource Planning
  • Research and Best Practice