Tree Canopy Analysis

Tree Canopy Studies

A tree canopy analysis is a study of where trees are located within an area and how much area the tree canopy covers. The tree canopy analysis identifies the extent of the existing tree canopy, the potential for new tree plantings, and provides a way to measure tree canopy coverage over time.  Using satellite imagery, researchers measure  and assess the condition of the city's urban forest, as well as the social and economic benefits provided by trees. Survey crews also collect field data from sample sites to verify the satellite imagery. This information will help strategically plan and target resources for the greatest return on investment in our tree canopy, including reduced stormwater runoff and reduced energy consumption.

The City of Tampa has completed three Tree Canopy Studies and is in the process of completing its third.  The City Planning Department is partnering with the University of South Florida to complete the 2021 Urban Ecological Analysis.