Parks and Recreation Master Plan

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Park facilities and recreational activities are essential services for a society to thrive. A Master Plan allows us to create a strategy where we can improve the quality of our parks and recreation system while meeting the needs of the community. Therefore, the City has approved $400,000 to secure a consultant to develop a comprehensive Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

This process involved developing a Request for Quotation (RFQ) for consulting services, coordinating with the City's Contract Administration Department regarding the CCNA process and executing it, preparing the Recommendation of Award to the Mayor, and conducting a coordination meeting with the selected consultant, AECOM.

Beginning on November 5, 2019, staff held a series of eight neighborhood meetings, with a collective attendance of 186. Information was also collected through 279 surveys. The meetings and surveys allowed park patrons the opportunity to express their concerns and vision of what they would like to see in City parks well into the future.

The information gathered from our surveys has been provided to the consultant, AECOM. They are currently working on their scope of services, which will include additional public meetings, meetings with stakeholders, partners, and non-profits.

In the coming months, we will execute the consulting services contract, AECOM will begin the review of documents, the City of Tampa's Comprehensive Plan, Strategic Plan, previous Community Improvement Taxes (CIT) funding requests, and plan future public and stakeholder meetings.

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