Private Hauler Franchise Fees

Beginning July 1, 2012 the City of Tampa Department of Solid Waste & Environmental Program Management established a new ordinance that differentiates payment requirements for fees paid by commercial solid waste haulers, from the fees paid by self-hauling businesses that conduct solid waste collection and/or disposal services within the City of Tampa service area. Permitted franchisees will be required to remit 15% of the gross revenue generated from hauling commercial solid waste in the City's 1983 jurisdictional territory. Revenues generated from solid waste franchise fees will support the City of Tampa's solid waste system.

  • Hauler Agreement - Commercial Solid Waste haulers providing commercial solid waste collection and/or disposal services within the service area will be required to obtain a "Hauler Agreement." This franchise agreement will replace the City's existing solid waste application and permitting process.
  • Haul Your Own Permit - Businesses located within the service area generating solid waste or special waste on their premises and conducting their own collection and/or disposal services will be required to obtain a "Haul Your Own Permit."

Application Packet (PDF)

General Information

Please mail or deliver application package to:

Jonathan Kane

4010 West Spruce Street Tampa FL 33607


Phone: 813-348-6529