Residential Collection

The Residential Division is responsible for providing trash, recycling and yard waste collection to all residents in the City of Tampa. 

Remember to:

  • Place carts out for collection before 6:00 AM on collection day.
  • Carts are unblocked (by vehicles, etc.) and placed 3 feet apart
  • Lids are completely closed
  • Carts must be removed by sunset on the day of collection and placed in a location not visible from the street.

Residential household garbage (blue carts) collection service is provided twice per week for all City of Tampa utility customers.  Recycling collection (green carts) and yard waste (containerized, bagged or bundled in less than 50 pound increments) collection service is provided once weekly.

Please call customer service at (813) 274-8811 for more information.

Garbage Service (blue carts) - Twice Weekly

  • All Garbage Must Be Placed Inside the Cart for service.
  • Closed Cart Lid, With No Garbage Extending Out of the Cart.
  • Waste Prohibited From Curbside Residential Garbage Collection:
    • Construction material, Dirt, Bricks, Paint (wet), Chemicals and electronics
  • A Special Pick-up is required for excess garbage outside the cart or bulky items.
    • Subject to a charge
    • Call (813) 274-8811 for more information
  • The S.W.E.E.P. Schedule can be found online at or by calling (813) 274-8811.
  • Household Chemical and Electronic Collections are available on many dates and at various locations county-wide. Please visit the Hillsborough County website at or call (813) 272-5680 for times and locations.

Recycling Service (green carts) - Once Weekly

Place All Recyclables Inside the Cart for service. Recycling items outside the cart are not accepted and cannot be collected because of the automated collection process and equipment.

Yard Waste Service - Once Weekly

  • Nothing heavier than 50lbs
  • Leaves and Clippings in bags or personal containers
  • Branches - Bundled and less than 4ft in length
  • Stumps - less than 2ft in diameter
  • Too many items will require multiple collections

To ensure service collection is provided to you, it is important to know the guidelines for the proper disposal of your residential refuse.  Please review the above residential brochures for further information.