Recycling Enforcement

Reducing Recycling Contamination

The Recycling Division is responsible for ensuring that recyclable materials collected are recoverable and do not include Contamination (prohibited items that cannot be placed in recycling). To accomplish this, the division focuses on education, outreach, monitoring and constantly improving the Department's comprehensive recycling program.

Comparing good and bag recycling: one cart has trash items and one has accepted  items.

A part of the outreach efforts is to provide real-time, curbside education. This is done by placing tags on carts with visible contamination. The tags provide all the needed information to be successful in the recycling program and to avoid a tag in the future. If tagged, the cart is unable to be serviced because it is not compliant with the program. All contaminants will need to be removed before the next scheduled collection day to receive service. This is done to enhance the quality of recycling in Tampa. Many residents follow the program rules and only recycle what is listed as accepted. Those that need more information or reminders will likely receive it through a tag on their recycling cart. All areas of Tampa will be audited for tagging purposes.

Recycling Oops Tag