Waste Sort: Where does it go?

The City of Tampa does not endorse any companies appearing in this search tool. Furthermore, the absence of a particular company does not imply prejudice or impropriety. In addition, placement on this list neither certifies nor implies that the companies are in compliance with all federal, state, and local environmental regulations. The City of Tampa recommends that a prospective customer contact a number of companies for the best service and price.

If you are a company that would like to be listed in this search tool, please send an email using the submission process in the app.

 Black and white recycling brochures - English and En español

Program Rules and Requirements

  1. Prep your recyclables

    Items must be:

    • Larger than the size of your fist.
    • Rinsed, empty, and/or dry as appropriate.
    • Only refer to the accepted items listed and do not use the plastic resin number as a guide for recycling. Not all items marketed as recyclable are accepted locally.
  2. Take your recyclables to the cart

    • All items must be free and loose (not bagged). Bagged material will not be recycled. 
    • Do not jam in boxes as they can get stuck and prevent the proper collection of materials.
    • Ensure your cart lid is down to prevent items from getting wet.
  3. Set your cart out for service

    • Unlike garbage, your recycling cart can wait to be full before being placed at the curb for collection service. 
    • Place the cart at the curb with a 3-foot clearance on all sides the night before your designated pickup day, or before 6 a.m. on your pickup day. 
    • Cart must be removed from the curb by end of the service day.
A recycling study will take place this summer and provide education in the form of recycling cart tags.