Recycling Drop-Off Stations

  • These locations are self-service for your convenience.
  • Only bring accepted items and follow all recycling program guidelines as listed on
  • Assure all recyclables are loose and not bagged before placing them inside the recycling dumpsters. You must empty contents into container unbagged.
  • All recycling must be inside of the container or it will be considered illegal dumping, per Florida Statue 403.41315, and is a third degree felony. 
  • If the container is full, it is temporarily closed until emptied. Drop off station Container

McKay Bay Waste Management Resource Facility

Hours: Monday - Saturday | 7am - 4:30pm

Drive through the main entrance building lane to receive directions from the attendant. 

Copeland Park 

Hours: Monday - Sunday | 7am - 7pm

The station is located to the left, behind the pool, after the main park entrance. 

Gadsden Park

Hours: Monday - Sunday | 7am - 7pm