Yard Waste Collection

The Yard Waste Collection Program provides residential curbside collection once a week on the same day as recycling collection service.

  • Grass clippings, leaves, and branches must be bagged, containerized, or bundled and tied in 4-foot lengths and placed at curbside for pickup. 
  • Yard waste is not allowed to be containerized in the blue garbage carts or green recycling carts. 
  • Yard waste cannot exceed a combined weight of 50 lbs. per bag, bundle, or container. Containerized yard waste may not protrude from the top of the container.
  • Bags/bundles/containers must be positioned curbside and must have a 3 foot clearance on all sides.
  • Residential customers may place up to 4 cubic yards of yard waste curbside for collection services on their regularly scheduled yard waste collection day.