3R's Art & Poetry Contest

Our goal is to engage the City of Tampa’s youth in environmental stewardship while conveying a recycling and waste reduction message.  A first-place winner will be selected from each of the following categories: Elementary, Middle, High School, and the MacDonald Training Center. The winning artwork will be displayed on a recycling collection truck for one year. The winning poetry will be on display at Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park alongside the Tampa River Center Building.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Students (grades 3 - 12) enrolled in a school or homeschooled within the City of Tampa limits. 
  • Clients of the MacDonald Training Center Arts Program.
  • Verify with schools list provided in the Rules & Regulations Packet link below:
  • Click on the button below to read complete rules & regulations. 

For questions, please email Edgar.CastroTello@tampagov.net.

2021 Art Winners

Comic about a recycling bin and trash can becoming friends

Bryce Miller - 3rd Grade, Ballast Point Elementary School

Ocean creatures swimming in water by a water bottle

Ava Casali - 9th Grade, Howard W. Blake High School

Earth with Recycling Symbol In It

Hayes Lynch - 6th Grade, St. Mary's Episcopal Day School

Recycling symbol over waves of oceans

Kaila Hansley - MacDonald Training Center

2021 Poetry Winner

Just One Way

by Addie Willis - 7th Grade, Madison Middle School

We are killing the earth, doesn't that sound fun, no one believes all the damage that we have done, there has been years of destruction, that now cannot be undone.

2021 has only begun, it seems we are all chasing that pain inside of us that none can outrun, but mother nature needs us, daughter, in between, or son.

Take a look at the amazon rainforest, what a beautiful sight to see, but as in coming 2019, you look outside to see disintegrating trees, no more will the radiant sunlight bounce off the vibrant leaves.

Thousands of fires had burned more than 7,600 square kilometers by October that year, it comes to prove that us humans are the cause of our own fear.

As each individual tree slips away it slowly disappears, most fires today are man-made and it's sad to say but they could have all been prevented in just one way…

Our oceans simply need more affection, there's never going to be perfection, but as of right now we aren't even headed in the right direction.

Marine pollution is a growing problem in today's world, as people think it's okay to leave their trash on the ground or throw their plastic into the ocean.

I guess when there is nothing left of mother nature they will have learned and have wished they conserved instead of burned and disturbed the living things that are now gone, now far out of reach because they left everything unheard.

Almost all pollution is man-made, and could have all been prevented in just one way…

Pollution is as simple as the gas in your car, or the plastic bottle you leave on the ground because the “garbage can was too far”, try running, inspiring, trying recycling!!!!