Backyard Composting Program

Resident kneeling down to access finished compost on side of compost bin in yard

Backyard Composting Program

You can begin composting at home on your own or if you live within the Solid Waste service area, you’re eligible to receive a free backyard bin to participate in the Backyard Composting Program.

This program provides free backyard composting bins for single-family homes. Being a part of the solid waste process, individuals will get the chance to learn and start composting as they recycle select organic waste. This program is only available to City of Tampa residents serviced by the Department of Solid Waste & Environmental Program Management, which does not include New Tampa.

How to get a free compost bin:
  1. Verify that you are serviced by Tampa Solid Waste
    • Visit My Tampa Services.
    • Click on the Magnifying Glass 🔍 in the Upper Right.
    • Type in Your Address in the box and select it From the choices that appear underneath.
    • Look at the 1st box in the lower left.
    • Verify that you live within the service area before registering for the program workshop using the link below. If your service says "trash pick-up outside Tampa," you are not eligible.
  2. Register for the mandatory workshop 
    • Workshop registrations open one month in advance.
    • Sign up through one of the buttons below.
    • Spaces are limited; First come, first serve. 
    • Only the City of Tampa composting workshop will be recognized. Workshops hosted by other entities will not count as our workshop is tailored specifically to Tampa's program. 
  3. Attend workshop and follow instructions to get bin
    • Email notifications will be provided for your convenience for attendance
    • Anyone logging in 5 minutes after start time will not be admitted. 
    • Only after attending the workshop can you complete bin waiver in order to be confirmed to receive your bin.
  4. Bin delivery
    • You will receive your bin curbside 14 days after submitting your waiver. 
    • Please let us know if you're not using the bin and we will gladly take it back and reuse.
    • Happy Composting!

Completion of Tampa's mandatory compost workshop is required before completing the waiver below. Filling out the waiver without completing the class does not guarantee your participation in the program. Please do not fill out a waiver before completing the workshop.