Backyard Digester Program

City of Tampa Backyard Digester Program Application*


This program aims to provide City of Tampa residents, that are committed to diverting their kitchen waste, the opportunity to receive a backyard digester. Food waste contains important nutrients that can be repurposed instead of being thrown out. Please read all sections of this application carefully to learn whether this program is right for you.

What is a digester?

Watch this video from HomeBiogas to learn about how a home biodigester works and if it’s the right choice for you.

Program Qualifications
  1. The Applicant lives within the City of Tampa limits.
  2. The Applicant is a current City of Tampa Solid Waste customer. Hillsborough County Solid Waste customers do not qualify. Check HERE to confirm.
  3. The Applicant lives in a single-family home or multi-family home with 4 or less units.
  4. The Applicant has a minimum of 10’x10’ backyard space.
  5. The Applicant has not previously applied to the City of Tampa Backyard Digester Program.

Please read carefully at assembly steps and requirements before applying: HomeBiogas Manual 

You will be responsible for assembly of this unit once delivered to you. 

Do I make enough organic waste for a digester?

Does your household generate up to 1 gal (4L) of kitchen waste a day? Home gardeners, families, and more are encouraged to consider how much kitchen waste they create.

What’s the benefit?

On average, in Tampa, 22% of what households throw away is food waste; this includes fruit/veggie scraps, leftovers, moldy bread or produce, and more. Diverting this waste means less emissions are created to haul this material to our Waste to Energy facility. Visit HomeBiogas to learn more.

I am very interested; how do I get one?

Fill out and submit the form below. If eligible and selected to receive a HomeBiogas 2, you will be notified of subsequent steps. The biodigester will be yours to assemble and maintain if you do receive one. Please revise all provided links and info to assure you are certain you would like to receive one.