Commercial Collection

The Commercial Division is responsible for providing trash and recycling service to businesses in the City of Tampa. 

To ensure proper service, containers must be unblocked (no vehicles, etc) for service to be provided.  The volume of waste generated at your place of business will determine the type of container and frequency of collection required.

Commercial Recycling

Commercial recycling collection services are not available at this time. Businesses, including multi-family units interested in recycling may reach out to a private company of their choice to contract recycling services. 

Customer-Owned Container Requirements (effective June 10, 2020)

If any of the following actions are taken, the account holder is required to contact the City of Tampa Utilities Call Center at (813) 274-8811 within five (5) business days to update their utility account.

  • Container(s) have been replaced
  • The size of the container(s) has changed
  • The quantity of containers has changed

Commercial Front-end Load Containers

Photo of Commercial Dumpster

These front-end load containers are available in sizes from 2 cubic yards to 8 cubic yards.  We service our accounts six days a week and can provide the size of the container you need to be both efficient and economical.  Container Sizes and Dimensions 


Photo of Commercial CompactorCompactor / Roll-off Services  

We offer trash and recycling compactors to reduce your disposal cost and save space.  If you own your own compactor we will provide disposal service at highly competitive pricing.  We offer standard and custom-built compactors ranging from 10-40 cubic yards.  We also provide open-top roll-off services to keep your project on schedule and within budget.  We offer 10-40 cubic yard containers to meet your smallest and largest project needs.


Photo of Commercial Bulk TruckCommercial Cart Service 

This activity is responsible for providing 65 and 95-gallon carts to businesses throughout the City where adequate space is not available to safely service front-end load containers.                                                                                                                

Photo of Dumpster RepairContainer Maintenance

Providing support to our 3 key commercial services is the container maintenance facility.  This is where containers are repaired, repainted, and replaced.  Whatever the required repair may be, our crew of welders, painters, and container delivery personnel are ready to respond.                                                                                                                                          


For more information on our commercial services, please call (813) 274-8811.