McKay Bay Scalehouse

New Hours!

The McKay Bay Scalehouse and Transfer Station has new hours of operation for its customers who use the facility for disposal needs. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, our waste disposal complex will close at 3:30 pm to customers.

114 South 34th Street
(813) 242-5320    Ora Almestica, Supervisor
(813) 242-5491    Fax  

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 7:00am - 5:30pm
  • Wednesday, Saturday:  7:00am - 3:30pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Best times for residential disposal

  • 7:00am - 10:00am Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • 7:00am - 3:30pm Saturdays

Requirements For Disposal at No Additional Charge:

  • Proof of a City utility customer account (i.e. current City water bill and photo ID);
  • Accepted residential items cannot be transported in a commercial vehicle or by a hired hauler;
  • Items accepted free of charge that are mixed with chargeable items will result in a charge for the entire load;
  • McKay Bay Scalehouse Personnel will make the final decision on questionable loads.

Items Accepted For No Additional Charge For City Utility Customers with Residential Solid Waste Account:

  • Appliances (2 per visit)
  • Furniture & Mattresses
  • Construction debris (excluding concrete, blocks, and dirt)
  • Tires with no rim (4 per visit)
  • Yard Waste (no stumps over 100 lbs. or limbs over 4 ft. in length)

Items Accepted For a Charge (Credit Card only):

  • Commercial Waste
  • Items delivered in commercial vehicles
  • Larger quantities than would be generated from a residence 
  • Non-Residential Construction debris (bricks, tile, plywood, roofing material, plaster, etc.)
  • Household Garbage
  • Mixed loads of free and chargeable items
  • Large automotive parts
  • Carpet
  • Tires (exceeding 4 per visit)

Disposal Charges:

Personal protection equipment (PPE) is REQUIRED to dispose on the tipping floor. PPE can be purchased at the Scalehouse if needed.

Prohibited Items:

  • Hazardous, radioactive, biological or infectious waste 
  • Liquid Waste 
  • Fuel Oil
  • Gasoline or Flammable Waste
  • Propane Tanks (unless cap/valve is removed)
  • Wet paint or drywall mud 
  • Fluorescent Bulbs
  • Explosives 
  • Electronics (items can be taken to Hillsborough County Solid Waste at no additional charge)