Mckay Bay Waste-To-Energy Facility

Welcome to the McKay Bay Waste Management Resource Facility!

McKay Bay Waste-To-Energy Facility

The McKay Bay Waste-To-Energy Facility provides a reliable, more environmentally-conscious method of managing the City of Tampa's 360,000+ tons of municipal solid waste that citizens generate each year. The energy created in burning this waste is converted into enough electrical power to supply electrical needs for up to 15,000 Tampa homes per month. Currently, the Waste-to-Energy Facility is undergoing renovations that will extend the life of the facility to service the City of Tampa for years to come.

Hours of Operations Monday to Saturday 8am to Noon

*Tires will not be accepted until Summer 2024.

McKay Bay Transfer Station Tour

What is a transfer station? This is a building or processing site for the temporary deposition, consolidation, and aggregation of waste. From here waste can be divided, sorted, and taken to the correct disposal location: whether it is our Waste-to-Energy Facility or offsite recycling service to recover materials such as metals. 

The new 53,000-square-foot transfer station is accompanied by a 5,600-square-foot employee building and a new comprehensive drop-off area for residents from the City to dispose of their waste more efficiently and conveniently. 

  • Approximately 30,000 square foot commercial tipping floor with 2” concrete topping and ½” armor steel push plates at the perimeter.
  • Commercial loading tunnel.
  • A landfill gas/vent mitigation system.
  • Two (2) truck scales at the commercial loading tunnel.
  • Two (2) knuckle-boom cranes with trash grapple at the tipping floor.
  • A masonry control booth with aluminum stairs and windows on the tipping floor.
  • 1000kW diesel fuel generator.

This project will open up our existing transfer station to be used for other waste and disposal purposes.