Sufficiency Checklist

CSD Sufficiency Checklist

When a permit is submitted without the minimal documentation required to ensure it can be reviewed and issued, it results in a delay as the first round of permit comments are “requesting” said documentation. This has led to delays in the permit review process and often permit issuance, potentially resulting in additional fees for the applicants. To correct this deficiency beginning November 1, 2022, the CSD Client Facilitation Team, which initiates permit intake and processing, will be implementing a CSD sufficiency checklist. 

The sufficiency checklist includes the state, local, site and land development requirements that must be submitted and/or obtained, where applicable, prior to permit acceptance. Florida Statutes 553.792 provides guidelines for building permit applications to local government. After receipt of the permit application, the local government must advise within 10 days as to the sufficiency of the application. The local government can request additional information authorized by ordinance, rule, statute, or other legal authority. Upon the third denial, Construction Services has the right to deny the application unless a waiver is signed to hold the permit with no penalty in reduction of building permit fees. Below are links to the sufficiency checklist and waiver of review time limits affidavit. We believe the implementation of this process is a first step to improve standardization of documentation at the time of permit submission and will increase efficiency for both the design community and our CSD team.

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