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Residential Accessory Structure - Plan Review

Plan Review
Plan Review

Residential Accessory Structure Submittal Requirements

Site Plan:


  • Location and Dimensions
  • All existing and proposed site elevations.
  • Flood Zone identification
  • Roadway centerline elevation.
  • Tree(s) location, species, and sizes of all trees within 20’ of construction area.
  • Locations of proposed and existing structure(s) including distance between structures and property line.
  • Drainage plan with cross sections.
  • Easements (public and private).

Building Plan:


  • Project address or legal description.
  • Current Florida Building Code Residential reference.
  • Scope of work.
  • Scaled floor plan with room labels and dimensions.
  • Termite protection notes.
  • Florida product approvals (e.g., roof materials, windows, doors).
  • Exterior building elevation views.
  • Structural detail design criteria.
  • Wind speed/pressure.
  • Roof and floor live/dead loads.
  • Foundation plan, section, and details.
  • Floor and roof framing plans, including section/details.
  • Exterior and interior wall sections.
  • Location of equipment (e.g., HVAC, water heater).
  • Energy Calculations (when required)
  1. Application

  2. Fees

  3. Plan Review

  4. Inspections

  5. RFC (Ready For Completion)