Residential Remodeling - Plan Review

Plan Review
Plan Review

Documentation Required:

Floor Plans

  • Location and Dimensions. Layout of entire existing and proposed floor plan with location and dimensions.​
  • Description: Detailed description of proposed work.​
  • Florida Building Code Residential: Identify current code on plan.​
  • Smoke detectors: Indicate all existing and proposed locations.​
  • Wall section: Wall section for new interior walls (if applicable).​
  • Emergency Escape: Provide locations (if applicable).​
  • Ventilation: Indicate mechanical ventilation for bathrooms (if applicable).​
  • Bathroom door dimensions: Proposed bathroom door dimension for accessibility compliance (if applicable).​
  • Hazardous glazing materials: Indicate locations or provide note of compliance for hazardous glazing (if applicable).​

Structural Plans


  • Signed and sealed structural plans to the current Residential Florida Building Code and digital signature standards​
  • Live and Dead loads.​
  • Foundation details.​
  • Size and Specifications of all structural materials.​
  • All required connections ​
  • Completed Owner-Builder Acknowledgement form (if applicable)
  • Residential Energy Calculations (if applicable)