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Fire Marshal Required Inspections

Fire Marshal Permits

Any inspection requiring a specific time or date for either testing or walk-through must be scheduled with the inspector. Calling on the computer line does not guarantee a next-day inspection by the Fire Inspector.

NOTE: All permits require at least a final inspection.

Fire Alarm Inspection

  1. All appliances must be installed and pre-tested by a certified contractor.
  2. Artificial smoke, magnets, ladders, radios, etc. must be provided for proper testing of equipment.
  3. Approved plans and Certification papers must be on site.

Fire Protection Inspection

  1. If underground is installed, hydrostatic testing with exposed piping is required. Have approved plans and certification papers on site.
  2. New overhead installations require hydrostatic testing.
  3. Any relocation or additional of existing heads requires a permit.

Fire Suppression Inspection

  1. A functional test is required for final approval.
  2. Gas/electric must be turned on.
  3. Coordination with the fire alarm contractor is required if the fire alarm is a part of a project or existing.

Final Inspection

  1. All life safety features must be in place and functional.
  2. If applicable, fire alarm, fire protection, and fire suppression must have been previously tested and approved.
  3. Firewalls are exposed, marked and penetrations properly sealed with fire-rated caulking.
  4. A fire extinguisher must be tagged and hung.
  5. Approved plans must be on site.