Commercial Photovoltaic Systems

Photovoltaic Systems
Commercial Photovoltaic Systems
  1. Application Guide

  2. Fees

    Do you want to get an estimate of your permit fee? Use this link to go to the Fee Calculator.

  3. Document Review

    Site Plan

    • Project address or legal description
    • Location and dimensions of proposed photovoltaic (PV) system.
    • On-site structures, easements (public and private)
    • Trees (when required)
    • Location, species, and sizes of all trees within 20’ of construction area.
    • Tree barricade locations and details.
    • Tree mitigation table


    Building Plan

    • Project address or legal description
    • Current Florida Building Code reference
    • Structural detail design criteria
    • Mounting details


    Electrical Plans

    • Project address or legal description
    • Current NEC reference
    • PV array configuration
    • Electrical details
    • Load calculations
  4. Inspections

    • BLD-Pre-Construction Inspection
    • BLD-Foundation/Footer
    • BLD-Pilasters/Fill Cells/Columns
    • BLD-Tie Beam
    • ELE-Electrical Power Release
    • ELE-Partial Final
    • ELE-Rough-In
    • ELE-Underground Rough-In
    • FIRE-Functional Test
    • ROF-Final
    • ELE-Final
    • FIRE-Final
    • BLD-Final
  5. RFC - Ready for Completion

    Use the Project Coordination Status Report (PCSR) on this page to get information on pending items like Open related permits, Open Conditions, Fees due and/or Inspections due to complete your project.