Construction Services - Documents and Forms

Instructions and forms related to construction projects can be filled out electronically.

NOTE: Documents with an asterisk (*) appearing at the end of the name are required to be notarized by a Notary Public. Several Construction Services staff members are Notary Publics and will be happy to notarize these documents for you.

Title Date Posted
Notice of Termination (of Notice of Commencement)
Guide to Contractor License Registrations and Insurance Updates
Contractor License Registration Form
Contractor's Letter of Authorization
Refund Request Form
How to Start an Online Permit Application
FEMA P-758, Substantial Improvement and Substantial Damage Desk Reference (2010)
Limit of Moderate Wave Action (LiMWA) Fact Sheet
Landscape Technical Manual
Residential New Construction Permit Intake Guide
V-Zone Building Design & Performance Certificate
Apply for a Temporary Use Authorization (TUA)
FEMA Substantial Improvement Determination
Declaration of Land Restriction (Non-Conversion Agreement)
How to Create a PCSR
Tree Removal Permit Exemptions
Private Providers Registration Checklist
Private Provider Request for Refund
Scheduling Inspections Checklist
Private Provider Project Submittal Checklist
Plan Compliance Affidavit (Fillable)
Notice to Building Official to Change Private Provider or Services (Fillable)
Inspection Report Checklist
How to Upload Final Inspection Report
Certificate of Compliance (Request for CO or CC) (Fillable)
How to Upload Periodic Inspection Report
CSD Inspector Phone Numbers
How to Select a Permit Application
Florida Building Code 7th Edition will go into effect January 1, 2021
How to Find Permit Status Comments
How to Search for Permits Using a Record Number
How to Add a Contractor to an Existing Permit
How to Search for Permits Using an Address
How to Upload a Notice of Commencement
How to Schedule an Inspection
Solar Photovoltaic Checklist
Refund Policy (PDF, 31 kb)
How to Create Pre Application Meeting Record
How to Find Documents Review Comments in ACA
How to Create an Accela Account 9.14.20
How to Create Temporary Certificate of Occupancy
How To Create a Temporary Use Authorization Application (TUA)
Generator Equipment Certificate
Construction Services Division Organization Chart
Construction Services Contact List
FEMA Flood-proofing Certificate (Expires 11-30-2022)
Private Provider Project Submittal Requirements Checklist
Construction Lien Law
Owner-Builder Acknowledgement Form
Paver Waiver (Hold Harmless and Indemnification Agreement) (PDF, 191 kb)
Notice of Commencement
Finished Floor Elevation Waiverᅠ(PDF, 450 kb)
Commercial Demolition Permit Application (PDF, 276 kb)
Demolition Signoffs Form (PDF, 203 kb)
Residential Demolition Permit Application (PDF, 276 kb)
FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate (PDF, 1.8 Mb)
Temporary Structure Permitting Requirementsᅠ(PDF, 149 kb)
Duly Authorized Representative (DAR) Personnel Identification
Contact Reference Form
Notice to Building Official
Residential Termite Protection Requirements (PDF, 180 kb)
Change of Contractor Acknowledgement Form (PDF, 797 kb)
Commercial Termite Protection Requirements (PDF, 203 kb)
After-the-Fact Permit Enforcement Procedure (PDF, 31 kb)
Day Care and ALF Permitting Requirements (PDF, 35 kb)
Shipping Container Building Plan Review and Inspection Requirements (PDF, 38 kb)
COT Guide to Digital Signatures (PDF, 3.5 mb)
Annual Permits Permitting Procedure (PDF, 61 kb)
Site-Related Issues Identified During Plan Review and Inspections (PDF, 36 kb)
Tiny House Permitting Requirements (PDF, 45 kb)
Commercial New Construction Application Review Procedure (PDF, 59 kb)
Partial Certificate of Occupancy (PCO) Guidelines (PDF, 47 kb)
Electronic Submittal Requirements (PDF, 258 kb)
Threshold Building Requirements (PDF, 119 kb)
Driveway Varianceᅠ(PDF, 91 kb)
Commercial New Construction and Addition Permit Application (PDF, 304 kb)
Commercial Miscellaneous Permit Application (PDF, 350 kb)
Commercial Trade Permit Application (PDF, 151 kb)
Fire Permit Applicationᅠ(PDF, 179 kb)
Residential Miscellaneous Permit Application (PDF, 228 kb)
Tree Removal and Pruning Permit Application (PDF, 130 kb)
Commercial Building Alterations Application (PDF, 292 kb)
Checklist for Plan Submittalᅠ(PDF, 192 kb)
Residential New Construction and Addition Permit Application (PDF, 212 kb)
Roof Mitigation (PDF, 86 kb)
Residential Building Alterations Application (PDF, 211 kb)
Residential Trade Permit Application (PDF, 157 kb)
Blower Door Test Form (PDF, 285 kb)
Reclaimed Water Checklist - Verification of Completion (PDF, 316.43 kb)
Frame Wall Section with a Flat Roof Worksheetᅠ(PDF, 270.98kb)
Infill Cross Section Sampleᅠ(PDF, 119.32kb)
Application for Address Assignmentᅠ(PDF, 213.40kb)
Masonry Wall Section with a Sloped Roof - Worksheetᅠ(PDF, 550.45kb)
Commercial Electrical Checklistᅠ(PDF, 216.56kb)
Commercial Phased Construction Checklistᅠ(PDF, 331.16kb)
Pipe Retention Detailᅠ(PDF, 550.45kb)
Commercial Underground Storage Tank Checklistᅠ(PDF, 214.07kb)
Residential Site Plan Requirementsᅠ(PDF, 231.66kb)
Covenant Regarding Zoningᅠ(PDF, 298.99kb)
Sign Permit Requirementsᅠ(PDF, 219.90kb)
Driveway Standard for a Residential Project - Straight or Flareᅠ(PDF, 496.41kb)
Engineer Sign Statementᅠ(PDF, 220.19kb)
FEMA Opening Foundation Walls and Wall Enclosuresᅠ(PDF, 5412.51kb)
Fire Inspection Requirementsᅠ(PDF, 211.19kb)
Frame Wall Section with a Sloped Roof Worksheetᅠ(PDF, 270.98kb)
Masonry Wall Requirementsᅠ(PDF, 201kb)
BOAF Hurricane Mitigation Guidelineᅠ(PDF, 53.4k)
Mechanical/Boiler Permit Requirementsᅠ(PDF, 228.75kb)
Commercial Interior Finish Permit Requirementsᅠ(PDF, 219.05kb)
Other Agency Informationᅠ(PDF, 162.25kb)
Commercial Site Checklistᅠᅠ(PDF, 229.54kb)
Plumbing and Gas Permit Requirementsᅠ(PDF, 226.44kb)
Common Swaleᅠ(PDF, 236.52KB)
Retention Pond Area Detailᅠ(PDF, 187.10kb)
Criteria for Moving a Buildingᅠ(PDF, 228.08kb)
Site Top Twenty Checklistᅠ(PDF, 235.71kb)
Driveway Standard for a Residential Project - Three or More Carsᅠ(PDF, 143.99kb)
Fast Track Fire Alarm Permitᅠ(PDF, 310kb)
FEMA Pool Design Technical Guidelinesᅠ(PDF, 399.31kb)
Flood Zone Verificationᅠ(PDF, 252kb)
Hillsborough County School Impact Feesᅠ(PDF, 201.71kb)
Masonry Wall Section with a Flat Roof - Worksheetᅠ(PDF, 293.16kb)
BOAF Hurricane Mitigation Retrofits Manualᅠ(PDF, 95.22kb)
New House Requirementsᅠ(PDF, 205kb)
Commercial Mechanical Checklistᅠ(PDF, 177.56kb)
Paving/Driveway Requirementsᅠ(PDF, 218.71kb)
Commercial Site Data Table Requirementsᅠ(PDF, 234.69kb)
Repair/Remodel Permit Requirementsᅠ(PDF, 196.33kb)
Contractor License Informationᅠ(PDF, 164.55kb)
Sidewalk In Lieu of Fee Applicationᅠ(PDF, 393.90kb)
Culvert Requirementsᅠ(PDF, 168.43kb)
Swimming Pool/Spa Permit Requirementsᅠ(PDF, 225.39kb)
Electrical Permit Requirementsᅠ(PDF, 220.85kb)
FEMA Free of Obstruction Requirementsᅠ(PDF, 8729.42kb)