Residential Driveways - Plan Review

Plan Review
Plan Review

Driveway Submittal Requirements

  • Survey: For driveway less than 1,000 square feet assumed elevations on a 25’ grid and 10’ past the property lines.​
  • Ditches: If the driveway crosses a ditch system in the City of Tampa right-of-way, all standard details required per section IV.C.3 of the Stormwater Technical Manual must be on the plan.
  • Trees: Identify all trees within 20’ of proposed work (including species and diameter of each).  Specimen trees 24” DBH (diameter breast height) require a minimum of 15’ protective distance and Grand Trees 32” DBH or larger require a minimum of 20’ from the construction.​
  • Site Plan: show the area of work; a complete site plan should be submitted for review.
  • Location & Dimensions: Indicate location and dimensions of proposed driveway, all property lines, and right of way dimensions.
  • Pavers: If the driveway will be constructed using paver blocks, a paver edge detail may be required on the plan.