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How to Prepare for a Virtual Inspection by Affidavit

HVAC Virtual Inspections

Virtual Inspections by Affidavit will no doubt reduce costs and increase efficiencies. That said, a successful Virtual Inspection by Affidavit requires preparation.


  1. Please make sure that you uploaded all documents required, on the permit record in Accela, BEFORE scheduling the inspection:
    • Inspections Affidavit required to be uploaded with every inspection request
    • Inspections Checklist for a list of required documents/photos for your inspection.
    • Photo Documentation
      • Please ensure all photos are organized and saved on one (1) word or pdf document, before uploading them in Accela.
      • Please ensure your files are labeled with the permit number and what checklist item is shown.
      • Please ensure all files are in jpeg or pdf format.  Photo resolution must be at least 300dpi

  2. Schedule Inspection, please enter on the inspection description box “Virtual Inspection”
    Scheduled Inspection Note
  3. Choose from one of the following inspection types:
    • MEC-Final
      • Residential/Commercial (Condos only) AC Change out
    • ELE-Final
      • Electric for Hot Water Heater replacement
      • Electric for AC Change out
      • Residential Roof Solar PV System
    • PLB-Final
      • Water Heater Replacement (No tankless / No Gas)
      • Reclaimed Irrigation
      • Sewer and Water Service replacement
    • ROF-Final
      • Residential/Commercial Re-roof (no tile roofs)
    • BLD-Final
      • Door and Window replacement
      • Garage Door Replacement