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Fast Pass Program

The Fast Pass Program allows for same-day review of projects which do not require review or participation from any other City division, department, or outside agency (i.e. Historic Preservation, Natural Resources, FEMA, FDOT).

Residential projects that are eligible for a Fast Pass review: Interior alterationsScreen enclosuresPoolsPerimeter wallsGeneratorsFoundation stabilization,  Driveways, and Artificial Turf.

Commercial projects that are eligible for a Fast Pass review: Perimeter wallsInstallation or replacement of antennas to an existing tower, and Artificial Turf.

Select the project link for a checklist of required documents at your scheduled appointment.

Quick Links

Virtual appointments are held weekly, on Thursdays, between 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Schedule appointments online via Q-Up or by calling (813) 274-3100, opt 1. The offered appointment slots are half hour to one hour increments depending on the project type, with the last review concluding at 11:00 AM.

Appointments are mandatory and must be scheduled a minimum of one (1) working day in advance.

#1 Check your project location.

  1. Verify that site address is:
    1. Within city limits
    2. If not, please contact the appropriate governing jurisdiction
  2. Verify that site address does not require review or participation from other City divisions, departments, or outside agencies (for example: Historic Preservation, Natural Resources, FEMA, FDOT, Aviation Authority, etc.).

If you are not sure, please call (813) 274-3100, menu option 1 for additional information.

#2 How to maximize your appointment time:

  1. Visit and register for an account if you do not already have one.
  2. Start an electronic application via your ACA account.
    1. The electronic application must be submitted online through the permitting portal no later than the day prior to, but no sooner than 48 hours before your confirmed appointment time.
    2. Include FAST PASS in the detailed job description.
  3. Upload all plans and supporting documents (as required per the checklist provided to you) via the Plan Room no later than the day prior to the appointment.

#3 It’s Appointment Time!

  1. Your attendance is mandatory for the virtual same day plan review.
  2. Log into your ACA account via
  3. Have your device ready to join the meeting at the appointment time indicated in the confirmation email. You may use a computer, laptop, or mobile device with internet connection.
  4. Be prepared to submit payments. All major credit cards are accepted.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The meeting will begin at the exact appointment time and will end when the allotted time has been reached. Meetings are held in a virtual meeting room shared by others. Once the next appointment begins, the previous session will automatically disconnect.