Commercial Canopies

Aloft Canopy
Commercial Canopies

A covering, intended to provide protection against the sun or weather and is supported in full or in part by posts attached to the ground, a deck or a concrete slab. 

  1. Application

    • Commercial Miscellaneous / Building
  2. Fees

    Do you want to get an estimate of your permit fee? Use this link to go to the Fee Calculator.

  3. Document Review

    • Site Plan
      • Show canopy location / dimensions
    • Building Plans
      • Structural components / details
      • Elevations
  4. Inspection

    • BLD - Foundation/Footer (if applicable)
    • FIRE - Final (if applicable)
    • BLD - Final
  5. RFC - Ready for Completion

    Use the Project Coordination Status Report (PCSR) on this page to get information on pending items like Open related permits, Open Conditions, Fees due and/or Inspections due to complete your project.