Residential Additions

Residential Additions
Residential Additions

An extension or increase in floor area, number of stories or height of a building or structure. (FBC R2020)

Select an option below to obtain additional information about each stage in residential additions permit process

  1. Application Guide

    Use this link to obtain information on minimum permit application filing requirements

  2. Fees

    Do you want to get an estimate of your permit fee? Use this link to go to the Fee Calculator.

  3. Plan Review

    Use this link to obtain information on:

    1. Items needed to be included in your plans
    2. Additional documents/forms that may be required
  4. Inspections

    Here you will find a list of inspections that may be required for your project.

  5. RFC - Ready for Completion

    Use the Project Coordination Status Report (PCSR) on this page to get information on pending items like Open related permits, Open Conditions, Fees due and/or Inspections due to complete your project.