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Does My Project Qualify

Projects Guidelines

There are certain project types that require coordination assistance at the earliest possible stage to enable clients, developers and/or design team to discuss project particulars with appropriate City staff and acquire the necessary information needed to facilitate a successful project with a minimum of regulatory difficulties. Below are samples of these guidelines, it could be either one or a combination of the following:

Special Handling/Approval

  • Projects identified for special handling such as neighborhood improvement projects, housing and community development projects, and projects originating from Economic and Development Opportunity.
  • Projects that are complex in nature and have received a special approval such as planned development approval (PD), including multiple waivers, LEED Certification, Affordable Housing and/or Projects complex in nature requiring special infrastructure modifications.
  • Projects meeting the Construction Type and Square Footage provided on the LSP Criteria Matrix.

Threshold Buildings

Any building which is greater than 3 stories or 50 feet in height, or which has an assembly occupancy classification that exceeds 5,000 sf in area and an occupant content greater than 500 persons.