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Artificial Turf

Artificial Turf
Artificial Turf

This section offers information pertaining to the residential and commercial permitting of artificial turf.  The permitting process includes submittal of applicant's required documents (Verification Statement and Site Plan), followed by City of Tampa's plans review, and an inspection related to the installation.

Exemption: Installing Artificial Turf covering an area of less than 150 square feet on private property does not require a permit.

  Artificial Turf Permitting Packet

Required Documents and Information included in packet:

  • Verification Statement (to be notarized)
  • Permit Application Guide
  • Examples of
    • Artificial Turf Site Plan
    • Artificial Turf Site Plan with Pool
    • Site Plan w/Pool and Multiple Landscaping
    • Pervious Artificial Turf System Detail
  • Stormwater Artificial Turf Guidelines