Large Scale Projects Criteria

LSP Criteria
Number   Building Use Occupancy Size (SF)
A-1 Assembly-Fixed Seating. Theater. Concert Hall 20,000
A-5 Assembly-Outdoor Activities. Amusement Park. Bleacher. Stadium 50,000
B-8 Business-Motor Vehicle Showroom 80,000
B-9 Business-Professional Office 50,000
B-10 Business-High Rise Office 50,000
H-1 High Hazard Group H-1 Pose a detonation hazard 100,000
I-2 Instutional-6+ persons non-ambulatory 50,000
I-3 Instutional-6+ persons restrained 50,000
M-2 Mercantile Market 50,000
M-4 Mercantile Market-Retail or wholesale store 75,000
R-1 Residential-Transient Boarding Houses. Hotels. Motels 60,000
R-2 Residential-Permanent 3+ dwellings Apartment. Dormitory. Timeshare 100,000
R-3 Residential Townhouses
S Storage 50,000

★ As part of a Large Scale Project Development

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